Does Your Home Need New Siding?

In tough economic times, improvements to your own home are a safe investment. New siding for your home can make a positive first impression on visitors and potential buyers. But are you sure you need new siding, and if you do, what are your options?

Does Your Home Need Siding?
If you’re not sure, ask yourself a few questions about the condition of your home’s exterior:

Is the old siding chipped, rotten in places, or falling off here and there?
Has your house siding warped or faded in recent years?
Are you putting more time and effort into maintaining the house siding?
Has moisture made its way between the seams or under the siding?
Do you have to scrape and repaint your house more often than you used to?
Have you noticed an increase in drafts and a higher power bill for heating and cooling?

The Options for for Siding for Homes
If you answered yes to any of those questions, it might be time for new siding. There are many options available to you, and some will suit your needs better than others.

Aluminum Siding. This popular option is great for lower energy bills but the upkeep and repainting can be time-consuming.
Vinyl Siding. The most popular option of homeowners, vinyl siding is cheaper and doesn’t have to be painted; however, the cheaper the vinyl siding, the more maintenance it requires.
Wood Siding. A classic and beautiful option, wood siding can have expensive upkeep, but the beauty is unmatched.
Fiber-Cement Siding. This is a newer siding that is highly durable and cheaper than wood, though the long-term wear ability remains unclear.

Siding Companies and Siding Prices
When you decide on the kind of siding you want on your home, contact a reputable siding company to do the job. Check with the Better Business Bureau for information on siding companies, and talk to previous customers of the company to get their impression of the work.
When you’ve chosen a few siding companies you like, compare the labor costs and siding prices. Ask about guarantees and worker’s compensation insurance. New house siding is a big investment, so choose your siding company wisely!

About the Author:
Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee.

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