When Does Your House Need a New Roof?

The roofs of our houses protect us from the elements: wind, rain, snow, and ice. Nothing can get to us when we are inside the house. However, the weather conditions damage the roof constantly and a time comes when the roof is worn out and you need to replace it with a new one. The approximate lasting of ordinary house roofs is about twenty years, if no significant damage is done to the roof by extreme weather conditions or fires. If you are not sure whether you need a new roof or not, then there are some signals that can show you if the condition of your old roof is bad and it needs to be replaced with a new roof.

First you need to inspect your roof for any visual damages. If you see some discoloration on the roof, this may be a sign that there are moss and algae on your roof. Moss and algae occur when there is a lot of moisture in the roof, and when there is moisture soon there will be leaks also. The shingles keep the water away from the inside of the roof. Take a good look around the house and check your roof for rotting or damaged shingles. Shingles that contain holes or cracks on them cannot do the protection they are meant for. If you spot rot in any of the shingles, call a specialist to examine your roof in details, because there might be more rotting that is not visible at the first sight. You should go inside the attic room and check for any sunlight that is visible through the roof, this means that there are holes and cracks on the roof and a new roof is necessary.

Wind can damage the roof also. You should examine the yard of your home for any pieces of shingles that are blown away from the roof. If there are some missing or misplaced shingles on your roof don’t hesitate to replace with a new one. The shingles get worn out in time, so after it has been raining check the drainage for little pieces of shingles, if there are a lot of them this means they are extremely worn out. Termites are the worst enemies to roofs. Ask for a specialist to do a termite inspection for you. Termites can eat through the wooden supports of the roof and cause severe damage. When you have inspected your roofs, if you have noticed any of the signs that the roof is old and worn out call a company to evaluate the damages that the roofs has. Some minor damage needs just a few repairs and replacement is not necessary, but if your roof has suffered a lot of damage and you haven’t repaired it for a long time, the cost of repairs can be a lot more than the cost of a completely new roof. If your roof is leaking or it is broken and you don’t replace it, the damages will be many for your whole house.

The roof is of most importance to protect the inside of the house of the weather conditions and when the time has come don’t hesitate to replace it with a new roof.

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