Storm Damage

Has storm damage affected your home?

Did your insurance deny your claim?

In business for over 35 years, Cover-It-All knows what to do for storm damaged homes. If your insurance denies your claim, that does not mean you do not have storm damage. Cover-It-All will give you a free detailed estimate, We have worked with hundreds of storm damage claims, and will represent you and your home the best we can. Some roofing materials can be damaged by hail, and over time lose granules. The damage can worsen with time. Cover-It-All is here to handle your storm damage insurance claim, taking the stress off of you; the homeowner. We will work directly with you and your insurance company. Cover-It-All believes communication is key. By constant communication with you, you can stay relaxed, knowing the job is getting done right!

A typical homeowners insurance policy will pay replacement cost for damages to your home, sustained as a result of weather related storm. Insurance policies do not cover the replacement of a roof that has been deteriorated as a result of normal aging and or wear and tear. If you’re not sure if your roof has storm damage, having a roofing contractor look at your roof is the first, and best option.

When your insurance company has decided to replace your roof or siding, how much out of pocket expense will it cost the homeowner? It’s your insurance deductible. They can range from 500 dollars up to 4% of your policy coverage. The replacement cost, less the the deductible is what the insurance company will pay. While the deductible amount is the responsibility of the homeowner.

How to spot a storm chaser:

  • Come door to door, and try to get you to sign up immediately
  • Offer you a free roof or free siding, or offer a way around paying the deductible

This is insurance fraud. Cover-It-All will watch out for you, the homeowner when you’re replacing your roof or siding.

If you don’t know who to trust…

Trust us.



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